FreeRTOS meets Rust

The Rust ecosystem has made some cool progress on the embedded development front since my last article. Let’s take a look how we can build a much more ergonomical and safe API to one of the more popular real time operating systems - FreeRTOS - with a full testing and continous integration setup. To get you going, a snippet from a unit test that demonstrates the usage of queues and compute tasks. »

Pragmatic Bare Metal Rust

If you’re confused with the metallurgically-sounding title: this is about embedded software development with a nifty new computer language called Rust. We’ll look into how to get a C-bootstrapped Rust firmware with dynamic memory allocation and use a Rust written command line prompt library, all on a bare metal (no operating system) ARM development board. STM32 ARM development environment 32 bit ARM chip computers are available from dozens of manufacturers, my pick was ST. »